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Hi, I’m Arthur Toole. I am the founder of Sift Institute and Grenada Nut Company. If you’re here, you are looking for ways to get funding (without borrowing) or to get more exposure for your business.

This course can help you do both.

I grew Sift Institute from $0 to million dollars in gross revenue in 14 months in 2017 and this was after suffering catastrophic losses in prior businesses.

However, after pausing Sift Institute for personal reasons, I had no funds to grow Grenada Nut Company. I couldn’t borrow and there were no investors interested in an-natural pain relief solution. “I just can’t see this scaling” was the common response. Sounds familiar?

So, I grew it on my own. However, that wasn’t enough.

Fortunately, a friend informed me about a conference that had a business plan competition in it. Even though I’d never pitched a business before, I decided to give it a try.

Here’s what happened as a result:

The other beautiful thing is that the sales from my business exploded for the 5 days following the win.

Afterwards, people started asking me how to pitch and where to find other pitching opportunities and business grants.

So, I created IFindUPitch.com.

Using manual searches and software to search the internet, my team and I have found hundreds of opportunities to find and obtain funding in this year alone!

We are offering them to you now.

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