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Hi, I’m La'Shondra Johnson.

I have been speaking in front of audiences since I was a young age of 5 years old. My love of the arts and public speaking led me to competing in oratory competitions at the age of 16 for scholarship money--and winning. My love of public speaking and ability to win money for my college translated over to my nonprofit as I continued to compete, and I continued to win money. This allowed me to not take on debt for my business, and I decided, why keep my methods to myself?

So I created a course first...

Here's a brief look at my introduction video to my course:

After creating a course for people to learn to pitch, I began to throw my own pitch competitions through pitchit365.com

My mentor Arthur Toole was impressed (and why wouldn't he be?), as he had just created a company that searched for pitch competitions for others, and then he decided that it would be perfect for my brand. And I couldn't have agreed more,and thus IFindUPitch became apart of the Pitch It brand and family.

Using manual searches and software to search the internet, my team and I have found hundreds of opportunities to find and obtain funding in this year alone!

We are offering them to you now.

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