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I Find You Pitch:

Sign up to get access to over $15,000,000 business pitch grant, and other funding opportunities with more being added every month!

How it works:

Instead of you spending countless hours looking for opportunities to find funding for your business, you can quickly select the opportunity from our list and spend those hours working on your pitch.

I Find:

Using this strategy and software, i scoured the internet to find all of the events that include business plan/pitch competitions, organizations funding business grants, and more.

I Share:

Winning multiple grants for my own nonprofit throughout the years has been a godsend. It allowed EXTRAordinary Youth Inc to continue to grow and help many students, and allowed me to branch out into other avenues of business, including Pitch It. I have done this without incurring debt and without giving away shares of the company to an investor. That gives my team time to be creative and think strategically. I want you to have the same.

You Close:

You simply find the pitch competition or grant from the list, prepare your application and pitch. By joining, you even get mentorship to help you prepare for your pitches.

Why "I find You Pitch" is so necessary:

Too many businesses fail due to lack of funding. Or even worse, entrepreneurs are forced to get loans or outside investors BEFORE they have any revenue to pay it back or create a sustainable opportunity to grow. Little did we all know, over $3.3 million dollars was given away in pitch competitions and even more in grant opportunities in 2019 alone.That number is even greater in 2020 and expected to continue.

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What you receive with your investment:

  • Access to over 100 pitch competitions happening this year (dates, times, eligibility requirements, cash award amounts, submission deadlines and more)
  • Access to the Ifindyoupitch Facebook group. Here's a quick link:
  • Access to weekly webinars on how to grow your business
  • Access to monthly webinars on how to pitch your business at events
  • Access to archived opportunities
  • Quarterly grant opportunities – each quarter IFindYouPitch offers one $500 quarterly grants to members*
  • Access to free mentoring groups and programs
  • Access to a list of venture capital and private equity firms
  • Access to a list of angel investors across the United States
  • Access to a specialty loan and financing firms

* must be a current member and active for the entire prior quarter to qualify

No contracts ever! You can cancel at anytime!

Course Curriculum

  Live Events & Workshops
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  2020 | List of Business Plan and Pitch Competitions
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  List of Angel Investors, venture capitalists, and private equity firms
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  List of free mentorship programs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I guarantee that you’ll win and/or receive funding from any of these events or lists?
No. No one can promise you that unless they are lying. However, what I can promise is that I will work every day to find opportunities for you to consider.
Will I receive weekly or monthly emails with new opportunities?
No. All opportunities are posted in the platform. You can easily log in and view them as often as you need to.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes! There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.
Will you complete the applications, pitch, or make calls for us?
No, and honestly, you wouldn't want me to.You have to make those calls yourself. You are the subject matter expert for your business and are best able to answer unexpected questions about your product/services and operations.
How many pitch opportunities will I get?
For 2020, there over 100 opportunities and more popping up every day.
Can I get a refund if I decide to cancel?
Due to how the lists are provided, we have to say no. This is to prevent people from gaming the system by paying for access, copying the data, and terminating the membership and then requesting a refund. We also, will not provide pro-rated refunds. However, to cancel, we make the process simple.
How does your 1:1 services work?
Once you schedule an appointment, we discuss your needs and provide a tentative for helping you meet those goals. Sometimes, your goals can be met without paying for a service. We help you determine that.
How often are the list updated?
The lists are updated monthly. However, in the Facebook group, you will receive notifications of when pitches and grant deadlines are approaching.
Are there only business plan and pitch competitions?
Not at all! We have included lists for loan/financing opportunities and links to angel investor lists, private equity lists, and venture capital lists. We have also included links for free mentor ship programs in your local area and more! As we find resources, we add them to thee program.
Can I reach out to you for any help?
Of course you can! Email us for support at [email protected]
Will I know if there are any extra fees for participating in the pitch competitions?
Some require fees and some do not. Since we are not affiliated in any way with thee sponsoring organizations, we can only report what they have displayed on their sites. Each pitch listing has the contact information for the sponsoring organizations so you can contact them to get information about fees.
Do I get access to all previous opportunities?
Absolutely! All opportunities will be listed in the archives.
What all comes with the Facebook Group membership?
• A monthly opportunity to receive a $500 business grant (for active members only) • Weekly webinars on pricing, pitching, marketing and operating your business • Monthly webinars on pitching and answering questions on how to best pitch your business • Receive notifications when opportunities are about to expire • Receive 50% affiliate commissions for referring your friends and colleagues to become members • And more!

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